As of yesterday afternoon, our Kickstarter campaign has reached our goal of $10K, and our project will be funded! Woohoo! At the time of this post, we are at 102% of the goal with 193 backers!

The campaign ends tomorrow night (Tuesday, 11/24). But before we get too excited, they say it is a good idea to raise a little extra in case some pledges can’t be collected. So let’s have a little fun and see if we can get past 200 backers!

We have digital rewards starting at just $1, and product samplers starting at $24. We even have a super-secret, game-changing protein treat included in the rewards!

Find the details here: www.proteincakery.com/kickstarter

Soon after the Kickstarter campaign ends, I’ll set up the online shop for pre-orders. Once the Kickstarter rewards have been filled, we’ll be able to fulfill online pre-orders (expected mid-January). We hope you’ll join us for this exciting expansion!

And yes, I’ll still be posting recipes that you can make with your favorite protein powders. :) We’re just giving you more of what you’ve been asking for! Thanks so much for your support!