When I read blogs, I love to read a little about the blogger. And I realize that most of my posts don’t give you any insight into who I am. So I thought I’d create this new category to share with you my favorite things. If you’re not interested, that’s cool. But if you are, enjoy!

By the way, none of these are paid advertisements. These are genuinely my favorite things right now. Some of the links will be affiliate links (where the blog makes a small commission on sales generated by the link) because that’s how blogs support themselves, ya know? But really, my favorite things!

Country Music

Lets start with some music. I grew up in Brooklyn listening to disco as a child, thanks to my dad and his best friend who was a DJ and lived next door. The houses were attached, and disco bled through the walls at night. So I can recite 70’s disco lines in my sleep.

In high school, I had a boyfriend who was into rap music. Those were the days of Queen Latifah, EPMD, and Special Ed.

I’m the magnificent with a sensational style, and I can go on and on for like a mile a minute…

He even made me a cassette tape he called Stupid-Dope RAP*. How could I not love it?



Of course I kept it. One does not simply discard a Stupid-Dope RAP* cassette.

I was into pop and hip-hop for a while after, but somehow lately I’ve gotten very into country music. Maybe because of the TV show Nashville, or maybe because of Blake Shelton on The Voice. Anyhow, my favorite songs right now are definitely country. While I bake, I sing my heart out. And these are my favorite songs right now (click the images and you can hear a preview through Amazon):



I love love love the instrumental part of this song! So good!






This one is a fun girly song. “If you got a heart that ain’t afraid to love, ain’t afraid to break.” Dibs.





And this one is just pure country. So awesome. You must listen! I work on my twang when I sing this one. Actually, I probably overdo the twang. I can’t help it.




Cold Brew Coffee

Next topic: coffee. I’ve been addicted to coffee for a while now, and I was curious about the whole cold brew thing. When I saw this cold brew coffee maker at the Vitamin Shoppe online, I couldn’t resist. I even bought two, so I could have a decaf one, and (maybe, maybe) wean off the caffeine.

I’m not sure I have it all figured out yet, but I’ve been enjoying it! I process whole beans in my blender, because the coffee is supposed to be a coarse grind. (This can be done by the pros wherever you buy freshly ground coffee.) The coffee goes in the mesh insert, and then the container is filled with water. After sitting 12 hours, it’s ready! It tastes more mild than brewed coffee. So, yeah, my new favorite thing! And I love that it’s in the fridge, nice and cold when I wake up these warm summer mornings.

Cold brew, the overnight oats of coffee.


I’ll leave you with those for today, and I’ll go create some more recipes. I probably won’t advertise these posts much on social media, but you can always find them on the main blog page as they post, or through the main menu.

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