I just want to take a minute to give you all an update on the online bakeshop! Many of you saw the sample packets I posted on social media, the ones I sent to family and friends for feedback. And very many of you requested samples of your own! Well, it’s all happening! Slowly but surely, it’s happening!

To kick off the online bakeshop, we’re going to launch a Kickstarter campaign! I’m excited about launching through Kickstarter because of the fun rewards we get to offer. We’ll have great sample packs, early-bird offers for December delivery, and bonuses for larger sampler packs. There’s even the opportunity to become an official Protein Cakery taste-tester for upcoming recipes!

My favorite part about running a recipe blog and launching this bakeshop is interacting with YOU! Thank you to all who have taken my surveys, this recent one for samples and the one earlier this year about expanding our offerings. I’m here to bring you what you want with protein recipes and baked goods, so I appreciate all the feedback you give!


You asked for baking mixes, so you’re getting them! Cake mixes, cookie mixes, bread mixes, and even frosting mixes! Many of you also wanted already baked goodies, so that’s happening, too! And I’m sticking to my general rule of having more grams of protein than carbs in my recipes. Sometimes using erythritol as a sweetener throws this off by a gram or two because the FDA counts it as a carb even though it is calorie-free. And I do have one protein treat coming your way that is a bit higher in carbs than my usual, but believe me when I tell you it is a game-changer! It’s my super-secret, game-changing protein treat! You’ll find that on Kickstarter, too!

BUT don’t worry; as we expand our offerings, I’m still going to be writing free recipes for you, as usual! In fact, wait until you see what the Vitamin Shoppe and I will be bringing you in the next couple of months! BIG plans for lots of amazing recipes!

As always, thanks so much for your support! I’m so grateful to be able to do the things I love every day. And that’s all thanks to you. :)

Many of you requested samples and you’ll hear from us soon! As expected, we won’t be able to accommodate all (500+!) requests, but we’ll email you either way to let you know. We have budgeted for at least 75, and we’ll send as many as we can! Thanks so much for your support!

For more updates about samples and the online bakeshop, follow along on social media! (Links are on the menu bar above!)