Popsicle Shop

Here you can find what you need to get started making delicious, macro-friendly popsicles.

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Popsicle mold:

To make protein popsicles, I recommend this ice pop maker. It makes up to 10 at a time, is sturdy, and it washes easily.

You might also want to get additional popsicle sticks.

I do NOT recommend the fancy Zoku molds that get prefrozen, or ones like those. They don’t easily release pops made with liquid that isn’t sugary.  (I learned the hard way.)


Unflavored whey protein powder (NOW)
Unflavored whey protein powder (Isopure)

Vanilla whey protein powder (Jamie Eason’s Lean Body)
Vanilla whey protein powder (True Athlete)
Vanilla whey protein powder (Isopure)

Chocolate whey protein powder (Jamie Eason’s Lean Body)
Chocolate whey protein powder (True Athlete)
Chocolate whey protein powder (Isopure)

Vanilla rice protein powder (Sun Warrior) or use this rice protein

Peanut protein powder (Jamie Eason’s Lean Body – discontinued!) or use powdered peanut butter + sweetener

Cacao powder
Chocolate whey crunchies – discontinued, but these are similar
Stevia-sweetened chocolate chips
Chia seeds

Stevia packets
Coconut flavored stevia
Alcohol-free vanilla extract
Alcohol-free peppermint extract
Alcohol-free butterscotch flavoring – discontinued
Alcohol-free marshmallow root extract
Coconut sugar
Confectioners style erythritol

Apple-carrot baby food
Chai tea (decaf)
Almond butter
Organic instant coffee


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