Prot: 3 g, Carbs: 0 g, Fat: 8 g, Cal: 78 (per 3 mini bars)


I recently started working with raw cacao butter, and it is officially my new favorite ingredient! This recipe for White Protein Chocolate is simple and delicious!

The team at Isopure was kind enough to send over some of their unflavored whey protein isolate, and I love it! Unlike some other brands, it doesn’t have any weird taste to mask. This recipe has very few ingredients, and there isn’t any room for “unflavored” flavor.


Also, make sure you get a good cacao butter. (And make sure you are getting one that is made for consumption, not a beauty product.) I first tried a different brand of cacao butter, and it was very bitter. I was completely turned off to the idea. I then noticed that Amy of Fragrant Vanilla Cake was enjoying working with this cacao butter, so I gave it a try. What a success! My new favorite ingredient. :) I have been making simple raw chocolate with coconut oil, but cacao butter not only offers an authentic chocolate taste, it holds up better to warm temperatures. On a warm day you’ll notice that your coconut oil is liquid in its jar. But on a warm day cacao butter is still solid. This translates to the finished recipe, as well.

Oh, and hey, there are NO CARBS in this White Protein Chocolate! None in the cacao butter. None in the Isopure. And I’ve used 1g of stevia in the whole recipe, so even if you count that as a carb, it is divided into 4 servings. So, no carbs!


I used this mini chocolate bar silicone mold. Each mini bar is about 1/2 teaspoon in volume, so it helps to spoon the chocolate in with a 1/2 teaspoon. Also, if you’re dipping fruit, it helps to stick a toothpick in the fruit for easy handling. Before you serve, remove the toothpick.

Obviously this White Protein Chocolate isn’t to be used as a major source of protein, but it will help you meet your healthy fat goals without adding any carbs, and while tasting delicious. Sounds good to me! And be on the lookout for a White Protein Chocolate Crunch Bar coming soon!

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White Protein Chocolate
Nutrition Information
  • Serving size: 3 mini bars (1/4 recipe)
  • Calories: 78
  • Fat: 8g
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Sugar: 0g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Protein: 3g
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Makes 12 mini chocolate bars (4 servings).
  1. Mix ingredients until smooth.
  2. Place silicone mini chocolate bar mold on a flat tray or cookie sheet for support. (You'll put the tray in the freezer after filling the mold with chocolate.)
  3. Spoon by the ½ teaspoon into the silicone mold. Each mini bar is about ½ teaspoon in volume.
  4. Place tray in freezer for about 5 minutes to set.
  5. Remove tray from freezer, and remove bars from mold.
  6. Enjoy! Store extras in the refrigerator or freezer, or as you would regular chocolate.
Be sure to measure your cacao butter in grams before melting. I have found that 15g of (solid) cacao butter measures to more than 1 tablespoon of liquid.

A note about substitutions: Other than using your choice of natural sweetener, I would not recommend substitutions in this recipe. Without cacao butter, your result won't taste like chocolate. (Coconut oil would give a similar texture, but wouldn't have the chocolate taste and would melt if left at room temperature.) A whey/casein blend would probably need a larger cacao butter to protein powder ratio, as casein absorbs more than whey.